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Information when using Script Injector and HTTPS CRM version

When you want to use the Script Injector with a CRM running on HTTPS, you need to know the following facts.

As you know, the Script Injector is based on the FiddlerCore. HTTPS traffic is usually secure and need to be decrypted, before you can inject your own code. FiddlerCore is able to do that, but first you need to create a Certificate.

This will happen automatically, but you will see some pop-ups. Here is, how Script Injector handles it right now:

If you have selected in your CRM Options any connection using the Port 443, the Script Injector will check for the Certificate, when you click on the “Start”-Button. If no Certificate exists, it will create one for you and register it. You will see the following Pop-Up, which you need to apply.



If you already have a certificate installed, because you are using Fiddler as the Internet Explorer Addon, you won’t see that pop-up.

However if the Certificate was created by the Script Injector, it will also be removed, when you close your Visual Studio again. Here you will also see a pop-up again. If you don’t agree, the certificate will stay on your system.


You are able to remove the certificate at any point with Fiddler itself, which you can download and install here:

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