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The configuration is the next important step. First of all start your Visual Studio and navigate to the Tools –> Options… Menu. Or the easier way: Tools –> CRM2011Tools –> Show Options.
You will find one Option Pages that you should configure before you use the tool the first time.


I will explain the Settings in more Detail on the following sections:


CRM 2011 Tools –> CrmServerConnection

This page contains the basic settings for your CRM instances you are working with. The tool supports right now CRM 2011 On-Premise and Online Version using Live ID. Offic365 is not tested yet but included. You can maintain several connections and choose later in the Script Injector.

Simply click on the Button behind the “Crm Server” entry and maintain your list.


Start with selecting the Crm Type. This will already prefill some values.


When anything else than OnPremise is selected, it will auto set the right port and generate the proper URL based on the Organization name.

When you set Use Custom Folder to true, you can overwrite the global Script Folder settings. When it’ true, the Script Injector will use the Custom Folder to search for the scripts for this Connection.


CRM 2011 Tools –> Development

Expert settings only contain the Option to enable Logging, which is by default off.

Logging is based on NLog and logs into two locations.

Logging to UDP-Port 8081

All traced will be send to the localhost UDP-Port 8081. You can use a common Tool like Log4View to see yourself the output as a live-trace.

Logging to AppData-Folder

It also logsa singel textfile in the AppData-Folder. You can find the file here:


CRM 2011 Tools –> Fiddler

You can leave the Fiddler Port as it is on your local machine.
However you should change the ScriptFolder to the root level of your Script Project.

The Tool will parse all Sub-Folder for any kind of *.js file. If the name is unique, it will redirect later call to this file in the Browser to your local version.

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