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To start working with this tool, you need to do 2 thing. First you need to install it, which is pretty simple since it will be published as a VSIX Extension. Second you need to configure the tool.
You will find several dead functions in the current version. So please be patient and use it as it is. It currently supports CRM 2011 On Premise and CRM 2011 Online. IFD is not yet implemented.

For usage you need to have a full version of Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012 in English. Express versions are not supported and localized Visual Studio Versions have not yet been tested.

Important Information

This Tool is currently in an “Alpha” stage, which means it is not function complete and can contain several issues. I would not recommend to use this in productive environment already but you might test it in your development environment. The Script Injector is exchanging the JavaScript file within your local Browser and not harm your CRM in any way.

Content Overview

The documentation is based on version If there is a newer version out, the documentation might not match in all details anymore. It will be updated as soon as possible. Before you install a newer version, please read the release notes.

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