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Project Description
CRM 2011 Visual Studio Tools is a collection of usefull tools to develop for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
At this point it is only containing 1 single tool, that should help the Developer in his daily pain with JavaScript Development.

Sometimes it drives you crazy, when you are developing some new JavaScript. All the time you need to upload/update your JavaScript file(s) and publish them, when you want to test this.

The first Tool is a JavaScript Injector. It is using the FiddlerCore-DLL to enable or disable the Fiddler Proxy. Through the Visual Studio Settings you can define your CRM Settings and a folder on your harddrive, where your script-files are located. The tool will listen to the Traffic and when it identifies a JavaScript WebResource file, it will exchange it with your local copy. So you can edit and test the Script directly after you saved the file on your harddrive. You can test the script inside CRM without the need of uploading it to CRM.

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